Our Approach

These are exciting times in the cannabis industry. We appreciate you tuning into us and participating in our events. Based on the success of our conference and a clear demand in the market we are moving forward with a professional services organization for the cannabis industry called The Cannabis LAB. The LAB stands for law, accounting and business. As you have noticed with the emergence of organizations within the cannabis industry several niches are being filled. We are focusing on our true audience, the professional services sector including: business owners, investors, entrepreneurs, financial services, accounting, law and the like. I like to say we are bringing the suit and tie crowd to the cannabis industry. It is clear that as the industry transitions it is the people that already operate in the corporate or business space that will become its leaders. As with our conference, we want to bring together the best and brightest of these same people to meet, exchange ideas, learn and grow in the cannabis space. For this reason we are starting The Cannabis LAB.

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